Give the gift of hope today...

Give the gift of hope this year with a donation to Heather House, a permanent homeless shelter located in Fairfield, California.  For  over 10 years, Heather House residents have been achieving success, thanks to your generosity.  Over 10,000 lives have been touched and changed because of Heather House.  Thousands of children are in school, receiving health care, and being fed. 

Heather House allows people to regroup, find work, and move into a sustainable lifestyle.

“Heather House plays a key role in this community as part of the bedrock that supports families when they’ve fallen beyond where they can recover on their own,” Christopher Cassels, Social Services Supervisor, H&SS Child Welfare Services.


We cannot do this work without you.  Please open your hearts and wallets so that we can continue to provide a temporary respite for the most vulnerable of our society – giving a hand up, in their most dire time of need.

Our goal is to raise $55,000 from the community annually.  Monthly pledge donations are easy.  Write a check now or set up monthly, automatic payments.


Homelessness affects us all.  Everyone knows of a family, child, or parent who has been hurt by these economic conditions.  What if your job and savings disappeared?  Now consider the impact of having someone give you a helping hand.  Please donate today.



Samina Masood MA/MS
Executive Director Heather House

If you or your service group would like to donate a service or money, contact Heather House at 707/427-8566.

Samina Masood - Executive Director

A message from the Executive Director:

Dear Community Members,

Heather House Homeless Shelter is a role model for community development and diversity. We need your help in keeping our message of unity alive and sustaining our operational services to  help homeless families get back on their feet. We believe strongly that what unites us is far stronger than that which divides us. We welcome participation of people from all walks of life, regardless of caste, creed, gender, to come work with us. Please contact us for services and support. We value your contributions, great and small, to Heather House.




Hard work and encouragement led to success for Jack and Toni.

With the promise of a job, the couple moved from Minnesota with their two kids. Jack and Toni both found work but soon were laid off. Without money for rent, the family came to Heather House.

Wanting desperately to find work and support his family, within a few weeks Jack took a position at a local car wash. Jack was soon promoted and within 45 days, the family had saved enough money to move into their own apartment.

Jack is now running the business. Jack is “giving back” by hiring Heather House clients who want to work.

Thank You!

Thank you to the Solano Business Group, and our sponsors, Papa Murphys, Republic Services, KUIC, Baskin Robbins, and all our other sponsors for making Bunco a roaring success!

Update: 12/17/2013
thank you to K.I.Jones & Michaella for their 12th annual donation of a year's supply of toilet paper, paper towels, and cleaning supplies!  Way to go!

Update: 12/20/2013
ANOTHER great big Thank You to the Suisun City OddFellows Lodge #78, especially Wesley, Vince & Paul. They just dropped off 10 big turkeys  to Heather House. These guys are just wonderful!! Bless you all for your continued support!!! Thanks to FoodMaxx also for giving a discount to them.